DAY 193 OF 365 IN 2021 HAVE YOU BEEN DISAPPOINTED? Over the last month, there have been a wave of sporting events sweeping across the globe over ranging from football, tennis, boxing, etc. As expected, there have been winners and losers, hence disappointments along the way. Yet, what is worth thinking about is what happens... Continue Reading →


Following my post on day 69, the events which concluded the day was an interesting twist to the whole missed train story, there was an extra sound bit. Here goes: for the second time in about six months, I have returned from night duty to find the wheel of my locked bicycle 'taken without my... Continue Reading →


After my night shift today, I realised the earliest train I could get back home was the thirty-seven past the hour train hence the one due twenty minutes earlier was not up for consideration. Nonetheless, while I was on the underground, one stop away from the train station, I figured that if I run it... Continue Reading →

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