Following my post on day 69, the events which concluded the day was an interesting twist to the whole missed train story, there was an extra sound bit. Here goes: for the second time in about six months, I have returned from night duty to find the wheel of my locked bicycle ‘taken without my permission’. The first was the front, but yesterday was the rear wheel. That meant I had to order a taxi back home.

What was baffling was I realised I wasn’t angry, I didn’t say much at all but only laughed, took a picture and ordered the taxi. You might think this was the picture because it was more of a deja vu since it had happened before or perhaps because getting a replacement would not be a big inconvenience. That was not it. Remember the missed train from yesterday and the disappointment, that was more like the cushion for the bike wheel.

For most vehicles, the terrain and purpose of use determines the nature and strength of its shock absorbers. Thus, earlier that day, my shocks had been boosted by the missed train so you could say ‘I was already psyched up’. I haven’t had to buy a replacement since I have successfully replaced the rear wheel with one from an older bike and it’s held together for the my ride to work last night.

So what is the lesson? There were two ‘apparently’ big disappointments but none seemingly able to have the impact it could have. Just somehow, it turned out that way. I am a fairly descent story teller, but that would not have been a script I could have written. But to the God who sees the bigger and complete picture, both were necessary lessons. My peace is so important to him that he worked things out in a way that would preserve it. So beloved, keep trusting Him for He knows best.


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