After my night shift today, I realised the earliest train I could get back home was the thirty-seven past the hour train hence the one due twenty minutes earlier was not up for consideration. Nonetheless, while I was on the underground, one stop away from the train station, I figured that if I run it I might just make the 9:14 train and get home half an hour earlier, so ran I did. Unfortunately, the train took off just as I walked unto the platform – I had missed it by a whisker.

So you might wonder:  “was I disappointed?” The answer is I was, but not as much as I thought I would be for someone who had to wait a while for next train to come along. And the reason I wasn’t so disappointed was because I had run as fast as I could following a twelve hour shift. I was less disappointed because deep down, I knew I had given it all I could.

You know, there are times when we really want things to work out; jobs, relationships, business proposition etc because it feels too expensive and a big let down if they don’t. Not just for ourselves, but sometimes because of the expectations others have of us concerning specific matters.

It does seem like an unusual paradigm shift but if there is something this short life of mine has taught me so far, it is the realisation that

some things are not meant to work out as we want.

Regardless of how much effort, time or resources we plough into them, they aren’t intended to be added to the portfolio of our achievements and success, but to serve alternative purposes. Perhaps, as points of learning, accrual of experience, a prompt that there is something ‘other than’ which fits into the actual picture God has for us.

However, at every opportunity, let’s not hesitate to do our best because after doing so, we will very likely have a more measured response and be less disappointment.


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