DAY 193 OF 365 IN 2021


Over the last month, there have been a wave of sporting events sweeping across the globe over ranging from football, tennis, boxing, etc. As expected, there have been winners and losers, hence disappointments along the way. Yet, what is worth thinking about is what happens after these disappointments – how does one go on from these?

If you belong to the group of individuals who have never been disappointed, then thumbs-up because you really belong to the cream of the crop. Likely, the 0.0001% of the population. With any expectation, there is always room for disappointment. It does not have to be the kind that applies only when no expectation is met, even a fraction of unmet expectation is perceived as a disappointment.

There are many moments in our lives when disappointments make it seem as though the walls of the world around us are crumbling down. We seem to fall so low that it doesn’t sound possible that we would ever rise up again. Often, we are also left wondering if we would ever return to the peak of our achievements.

As we ponder on all these, God looks at us and whispers in our ear ‘have you pondered on where I stand in all this?’ Beloved, it may appear easy to tell others, but God is the one person who is left out of the picture when we get disappointed because we feel He failed to keep His word. Yet, we fail to acknowledge that He is the beginning and the end – one disappointment mid-journey is thus not indicative of the end of what God is doing for, with and  through us.

In truth disappointments on any scale are hard to take, we’re human and they hurt, really bad. But if only we had an idea of the full picture, if we could see from the beginning to the end, then our mouths would still be full of melodious praise even when we appear to be at the lowest points in our life.

Do take some time today to prayerfully reflect on the lyrics of the sing “I will sing” by Don Moen. Be blessed


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