Jeremiah 2:13 “My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.

Malfunctioning cisterns that hold no water and the second is a disconnect from the spring of living water.
From the very onset, by breaking off their connection with a source of water, what did they intend to fill their hewed cisterns with?

The fact that they even decided to build a cistern was the first indicator that they no longer trusted the fountain’s provision or longevity.

Whenever a person or group of people, we could even say: whenever we ourselves, define the scope of God’s ability as unable to meet specific or particular needs, we begin to search for alternatives and so prepare a plan B or C.

Unfortunately, these alternative plans are made without God, because He is involved only with the plan A. Consequently, we come out with our very own plans. However, because of the finiteness of the resources we posses to execute them, our end results resemble broken cisterns which are unable to hold any water.

The end game is thus simple, anything without God has no longevity, no covering, and no sustenance. You may ask why- It is because God is the fountain of living water who sustains all things by the word of His mouth.


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