Reference Text: John 20:1-18


Our brains are often wired to associate specific items to specific people, states of mind or events: see a fire truck with sirens on and we think ‘there’s a fire somewhere’. Whenever we see tears, we can think ‘something sad or joyful has happened’. Drawing associations is therefore one way our mind process information.

Therefore, Mary’s actions was really nothing out of the ordinary. She saw a stone rolled away and immediately arrived at the conclusion ‘they have taken the Lord away from the tomb’.(John 20:2) She had not looked into the tomb herself prior to relaying this to the disciples, at least not until later (vs 11).

That can be the danger with drawing inferences and association. Our minds can create links between current and past events that are not necessarily the same. Thus, by entering survival mode, we could end up relating past encounters, experiences and events into present day situations when the two may be worlds apart.

Such association can draw you into a state of fear, worry, disappointment, anxiety and pessimism because of the pictures those linkages paint to us. So beloved, let us police our minds using those superior areas that do not rely on uninterpreted default data. And let us trust the Holy Spirit to guide us on our journey towards transformation.


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