Jeremiah 1:6 Then said I, Ah, Lord GOD! behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child.

Why do men tend to show off their limitations whenever God presents an assignment to them? This was the question which came to mind upon reading the introductory chapter of the book of Jeremiah.

After the revelation that he had been called right from his mother’s womb, Jeremiah presented God with an excuse ‘I cannot speak, I am a child’. A quick revisitation of the Scriptures will provide two other examples. The first is Gideon, who said he was the least in his father’s house and his family was the poorest while Moses told God ‘I am not eloquent, I am of slow speech and tongue’.

It seemed as though all three men strived so hard to hold their banners of weaknesses over their foreheads, in a place where God could not miss. It was as though they wanted to send a message to Him saying ‘I am not qualified so find another’.

However, God was insistent and when these same men became amenable, He worked wonders at their hands. They looked like men who never had any weaknesses because they trusted in the sure Word from God. That is what God does to us when we align ‘our weaknesses are swallowed up in Him’


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