Reference text: 1 Kings 19:11-19


Does today’s text raise the question that ‘God no longer appears in the form of the wind, fire or earthquake?’ or Does He now communicate only in whispers?
The answer to both of the questions above is an emphatic NO.
God changes not, and all the natures listed above still find their expression in Him.

Whether then it is in the quiet comfort of His word or in an audible voice as of a friend, whether in the clear and obvious with thundering, fires and earthquakes or in the same manner as with Elijah – in a soft low voice, to every one of us, the manner in which we hear from the Lord will differ.

To Elijah, that soft still voice, bearing the semblance of whisper, was even louder than rock-shattering winds and earthquakes. It is thus incumbent on each one of us to discern the manner in which the voice of God comes loudest to us. Otherwise, we will miss much of the  information He sends our way

Just as we can hear some voices and accurately identify the face behind the voice, we ought to get familiar with the voice of our shepherd so that from wherever He calls, we will know it is Him and respond accordingly.


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