Matthew 10:11 Now whatever city or town you enter, inquire who in it is worthy, and  there till you go out.yt

‘Enquire and Inquire’ are two words in the English language that are sometimes used interchangeably. And although both in the base form mean ‘to ask’, the level of detail required when either is used differ considerably.

The use of ‘inquire’ in today’s Gospel is therefore no mistake, it is very intentional. In context, inquiring means doing a thorough and detailed investigation into a matter. It correlates to carrying out microscopic dissections of issues often with the aim of arriving at the root of the problem, if one exists.

So the disciples were being asked to be absolutely thorough in choosing a location for their camp. They were not to lodge just anywhere and with any group of people. Such instructions are the kind we cannot take for granted because they can literally determine the course of an entire project.


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