Luke 24:45 Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures,

Often times, when we throw an idea out there and others don’t seem to get behind it, it isn’t always because they intend to be malicious, rather it could be because they may not fully understand. So today’s message is this ‘afford others the opportunity to understand’

When Jesus appeared to the disciples, they were in utter disarray thinking they were seeing a ghost. So what he does is to present himself for inspection up close and ate a piece of fish for further confirmation. These actions broke down their barriers and with further explanation, they understood better.

Whenever we breeze past the fact that others have not gained clarity about any matter, we rob them of the opportunity to benefit from those things which could come out of their fruitful understanding.

So whatever you communicate, whether it is a lesson, an example, a revelation, or a teaching; offer your listeners the opportunity to benefit by making sure they understand. Take your time to clarify.


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