Acts 3:5 And he gave heed unto them, expecting to receive something of them.

There is a saying that could be paraphrased as such ‘I am more afraid of the man who throws one punch everyday for thousand days that the one who throw a thousand punches every thousand days.’

In the story we read about the man lying at the beautiful gate, we see a story of his consistency. He had been consistent in asking for alms every single day he lay at the door hence when he looked at Peter and John,’ he expected the same’. But that cycle had to be be broken. His consistent spell had to be terminated.

This was not because consistency is a bad thing, far from it. In fact, consistency is a great asset to building character. The downside, it can support building whatever kind of character one chooses whether good or bad.

Beloved, there are times when we need a disruption of our routines to break our consistency in traits that are not additive. That is one way growth happens – with intentional interruptions that filter the habits we could become consistent in doing. Consistency is a good thing, but when directed into the wrong things, it becomes a building block for trouble.


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