The very thing that caused God to rip the kingdom from Solomon was what Rehoboam was now doing. He even took next steps to show how serious he was. First, He enthroned a golden calf in Bethel, the same location Jacob encountered God and had his name changed.

‘He again appointed priests of the high places from all the people; anyone who wanted, he ordained, and he became one of the priests of the high places.” (1 Kings 13:33)

This was very different from God taking the weak things to confound the mighty, this was a man putting square pegs in round holes. People who had no place near the altar were being giving the pleasure of serving on it for anyone who wanted, the king approved.

Their actual calling, abilities, gifts and skill set did not matter. In fact, nothing else did. One needs no genius to explain to us the dangers of having the wrong people in the wrong places. The number of missed purposes, the chaos, disorder, mishaps and abuse possible when assignments are wrongly distributed is immense. Thus, we are reminded to be mindful and intentional about who occupies which positions in our lives and in our society.


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