Ice cream is clearly a seasonal dessert, particularly in the summer, it becomes a hot cake. Thus without mincing words, it makes little sense for an ice cream van to be seen in winter. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to hear the sound of the ice-cream van in my neighbourhood this afternoon with temperatures hovering around 3 degrees celcius.

Even though my spying indicated no one approached the van to make a purchase, seeing it challenged me. My mind was turned to the story of Isaac in Genesis 26, the summary of which is ‘there was famine in the land but Isaac sowed in that same land and reaped a hundredfold’

Even when the season was against his actions, he still sowed. Beloved, it takes a certain level of growing faith to drive an ice cream van in winter, but this action like that of Isaac, challenges us not be afraid sometimes to swim even against the current. God is able to bring about a bountiful harvest even in famine, what you need is to trust on him and have your eyes fixed in him, not on the season.


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