Reference: 1 Samuel 8:4-7, 10-22


The nation Israel tell Samuel in the text today ‘we want to resemble the nations around us. We know we are a unique nation with a God so close and all that, but we now want to be like the other nations, so give us a king’.

On all fronts, that seemed like a fair suggestion only that there was a lack of a firm foundation in their request. It was built on the premise ‘like other nations’ and those words became the beginning of a cycle of unfavourable seasons for the nation. Something God had forewarned them about regarding their choice.

There is something about abandoning one’s own identity to become like another: not in a sense of admiring what another possesses and seeking to learn from or adopting elements. Real problems arise when one forgets their own individual unique abilities and status to embrace qualities of others that ultimately leads to a loss of identity.

By becoming ‘like the other nations’ , Israel lost its uniqueness and that is a situation we ought to run a way from. Of course many of those around us will have traits we admire, but it need completely overhaul who we are and what we have.

Don’t admire others too much that you forget your own uniqueness.


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