That is a fraction which equates to 0.00273 or 0.27% for the lovers of numbers. It presents nothing but a negligible dent in the year. However, 365 dents later, the percentage bar will be filled to 100%. That is how every year goes.

It takes one’s acknowledgement of the fact that many of those seemingly negligible ‘individual dents’ are required to fill up the entire year. Progress and growth then, is thus as steady. It is not unreasonable to encounter a sudden and steep rise, but in many of life’s real scenarios, things will move at a steady pace with consistency.

It will take regular and steady movement to establish and realise whatever goals or dreams we set. By breaking them down into reasonable chunks, and smaller targets or ‘baby’ goals, we can pace ourselves for the long haul moving one small dent at a time.

A year is a long marathon, so don’t run it as though it was a sprint lest you run out of steam.


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