Isaiah 60:3 Nations will come to your light, And kings to the brightness of your rising.

Everybody is drawn to a beacon, particularly if it shines bright enough, thus light draws attention. Hence, ‘nations will come to your light’ is akin to an increase in visibility to a degree that people of all walks are drawn your way. However, it follows that for the group of people called ‘kings’: people of influence, power, authority, your light alone is not enough attraction.

For in their own right, they are beacons themselves. Many are pacesetters in their respective fields and have achieved feats thought impossible. Some sit atop the echelons of nations, economies and businesses; places of influence where a single statement can impact the life of an entire nation. It will take more than your light to draw these.

Thus, kings are drawn to the ‘brightness of your rising’. Like a loud bang on their doors, when your name begins to poke up in their fields of influence, and your actions begin to register in their circles, their eyes will turn your way. Yet, one thing remains valid in these cases: God is the one who announces you forth. Perhaps, not in the manner of Jesus ‘this is my beloved son, listen to him’, but in the like of the butler telling Pharaoh about Joseph.

Beloved, you have light, no doubt, but the brightness of your rising is what will bring you into the realm of real influence, a seat at the place where you can affect life and kingdom matters. Therefore, keep applying yourself, and seeking to better your best so that you can be announced. Let your rising shine bright, and you will draw kings.


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