1 Samuel  1:21 And the man Elkanah, and all his house, went up to offer unto the LORD the yearly sacrifice, and his vow.

The annual trip of Elkanah’s family to Shiloh and that of Mary and Joseph’s to Jerusalem for the passover feast present the central theme to today’s reflection. A trait which is highlighted because of the important place it occupies in character formation. That theme is ‘consistency’.

Perhaps, it has even been highlighted so many times that it sounds like a cliche to us, but its relevance can truly not be overemphasised. When you are consistent about doing something, when you don’t do it, you begin to question your rationale. Consistency thus becomes a check for your discipline ensuring that you do what needs to be done whether you feel like it or not.

In your arsenal for the coming year then, do consider adding consistency to your itinerary. Consistent reading, consistent praying, consistent and exercise. Simply, consistency in every dimension.


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