For many, this is a time to get together with others, an opportunity to reflect on the happenings of the past year. I think we all deserve that kind of catch up with the nature of Christmases we have had the last couple of years. Every passing one has been one filled with dread, worry and fears.

Anxieties reached all time highs, worries soared to unimagined crescendos and many lost their joy and will to even keep going on. Such has been the story of Christmas the last two years. And yet, this year it has come again. Of course, the manner in which it is welcome has changed, the enthusiasm and excitement with which we celebrate the season has waned. But again, here Christmas comes again.

What lessons lies then in it for us?
Every year we live, we will have this season. Unlike some other seasons this particular season recurs at the same time every single year hence we can see it approaching from miles away.

So why not begin preparing for the season way ahead? Do you have to save for it, start early. Want to organise a get-together, start early. The very fact that it’s a fixed date presents not only a deadline, but equally a target to aim for. This may seem like a rather unusual message for the occasion today, but perhaps a perspective we ought to take into account.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and may the New year mark the beginning of many great things.


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