DAY 361 OF 365 IN 2021


John 20:4 Both of them were running together, but the other disciple outran Peter and reached the tomb first.

The words of Mary Magdalene in today’s chapter of the Gospel ‘they have taken the Lord out of the tomb and we do not know where they have laid him’, becomes the starting gun for the race which ensued; the race between Peter and John to the tomb of Jesus. Scripture is rather explicit in our regard ‘both men began running together’

You might be wondering why that statement is relevant. Well, it is because of what happens at the final destination ‘one arrived before the other.’ Therefore, even though both run together, arrival times differed. In a modern day sense, we can consider a lot of variables at play to influence these results: ‘intensity levels, exercise tolerance, windspeed etc.
But where we just take the two characters involved, Peter was the older of the two and that was the key variable.

On any journey then, the destination may be the same but the path each takes is different. Even along the. Same stretch of road, each steps at different points and footsteps are never in the same place. Some people have to encounter and overcome specific hurdles, others have specific routes and people they need to meet, pathways that are intended for their specific learning and growth.

Along such paths, some may not run as fast as everybody else but mind you, they will arrive at the destination with everything they were required to obtain along the way. So don’t just look at arrival times, focus on the whole journey to the point of arrival. That is where the lessons lie.


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