DAY 219 OF 365 IN 2021


Midway through the Olympics, I stumbled into the history of the high jump and oh, how much difference is evident. There has been an evolution from the straight approach, the scissoring method and the. Now universally accepted technique: “the Fosbury flop”. In the latter technique, the world record stands at 2.45 metres, a height impossible to jump over using any of the previous techniques.

So the first statement for reflection: “

” You cannot work with the race of yesterday and expect todays result”

There is therefore a need to constantly keep improving, to keep learning and to keep growing. It is important to let the tomorrow version of you be better than today’s version because there are some things the ‘you today’ cannot manage.

To produce glucose, plants need carbon dioxide and water. However, while the expectation remains that plants will always produce glucose (food) by chemically combining carbon dioxide and water, this is not possible all the time. There has to be  a number of other factors or checklists that have to be satisfied before this outcome is materialised. So to our second mini bite:

“All things are possible, but not under every condition”

There are specific skill sets that will get you to certain places of honour, specific levels in a relationship that will open up certain doors and access to particular dimensions of graces. Not all conditions make everything possible, so when you can, find and align with the people, systems and conditions that make all things possible. The centre of which is God.


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