DAY 155 OF 365 IN 2021

If one had a device with a proven water resistance rating, running through rain should not trigger any cause for concern. When one’s phone has an impressive feature that definitely works effectively, to a large extent, it takes worry off the table. I can leave home for a full day and even with my battery capacity at 30%, I barely focus on this during the day because this phone has made it through multiple days use with that amount of power.

An even clearer association is with  insurance – the knowledge that when things unexpectedly go wrong, another party, well equipped, will step up to sort them out. This is the message we glean from Psalm today:

'Happy is the man who has the God of Jacob as his helper, whose hope is in the Lord his God'(Psalm 146:5)

Such a man is like one with an insurance policy that guarantees payout: no long questioning or drills, just a smooth resolution of concerns if any. The one who is able to depend on the assistance from God, becomes the recipient of true peace and quiet, because of who the help proceeds from. Beloved, when you have a fight to take on and in your corner is a champion with a proven track record, no hint of complacency but consistently guaranteeing results; your disposition is different.

We have reason to delight, an indication to call ourselves blessed and highly favoured because we have as our help and can hope in ‘the God who made the heaven and the earth, the author and the sustainer of all life. Happy indeed are we!


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