I am only a few pages into the book I’m currently reading. It’s titled Greater by Steven Furtick. Permit me to share some of the lessons picked up with you:

God is talking behind your back:
There are some interruptions in life, breaks to our regular routine that will feel accidental. But don’t be surprised, the fact that God interrupts your itinerary does not mean he missed the timing. It is because He talks behind your back sometimes. Not every plan of His is run by you, but even then, you can be assured that there are discussions going on behind the scenes

You are not consigned to an Empty Existence
First, one it is not an accident that you’re here and two, your existence is filled with a purpose. One must never think that they amount to nothing because that is an acceptance of mediocrity. It is an acknowledgement that God has made a mistake and forgot to deposit anything within

God will show up at God O’clock
God’s interruptions rarely happen when we expect them to:
We might expect A, B and C to be present before God shows up. But that is only according to our clock, a schedule God is not obligated to keep. He will show up in His time, at the perfect time, that is at ‘God O’clock’.


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