Mark 10:28 Then Peter spoke up, "We have left everything to follow you!"

We can sometimes try to make the words of others our own, likewise their experiences. Therefore, with Peter in the limelight today and ourselves also in the shoes as disciples, we would find it appropriate to want to also ask Jesus: with this walk with you, what’s in it for us?

However, we do not entirely have the room to say so because there is a often something missing from the words of Peter in our case. The phrase ‘left everything’ invites some scrutiny because in truth, we really have not, not in its entirety. We have made the decision to follow Jesus, but that has not prevented us from bringing a few things of ours along on the journey.

We have left “some things” behind, but not everything. So when the going gets tough, we draw into the wells of what we are dragging along on the journey rather than Him as the source of all. If we do want to make Peter’s words our own, then we have to be ready to fulfil the caveats it brings: ‘leave and everything’ – nothing held back.


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