DAY 103 OF 365 IN 2021

John 3:9-10 Nicodemus answered and said to him, How can these things be? Jesus answered, “Nicodemus, aren’t you the respected teacher in Israel, and yet you don’t understand this revelation?

Whenever there is a security breach, there is a review to determine ‘soft points’ in the system which could have served as entry points for the breach. These are then plugged so a recurrence does not happen. Many corporations therefore dislike being on the receiving end of a security review because that can be seen fundamentally as suggesting that there are flaws within the system.

Somehow, Nicodemus wades into the fray of our discourse today and if many of us stood in his shoes, we would have raised our hands and told Jesus ‘hey young man, I don’t know who you are, but I think you’re out of line with those words. How dare you?’ The direction of his discussion with Jesus could have taken a very different turn because when any person questions your capacity to stand in the office in which you function, primarily because of a deficiency in knowledge, it can be a blow that hits rather hard.

It feels like a punch in the stomach and  ‘it hurts’. Egos are bruised and feathers are ruffled because ‘our pride’ does not allow us to simply rejoice when our insufficiencies are being pointed out. In truth, Nicodemus could have walked off after those remarks from Jesus, but he heard them in a different way. His interpretation of that message influenced its reception, so he stuck around as Jesus expounded further on His words.

Beloved, if we can also step past this hurdle, where words like those spoken by Jesus are received not with an air of arrogance, but humility, we will actually place ourselves in a better position to grow and improve.


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