During my train journeys, I noticed that in one of the advertisements imploring others to be patient with other passengers on the tube, there was TFL advertisement which ended with some very interesting words: “Some of us need more time than others”

Those words are difficult to argue because depending on a number of physical or even psychological impediments, the amount of time required to accomplish the same task will differ from person to person. What takes one person an hour to achieve, will require another person three times the time. Some require even longer.

However, with this in mind, I asked a follow up question: ‘ since we all have the same amount of time available to us, doesn’t this then lead to an uneven distribution causing some people to always lag behind others? That was my impression until I was reminded of the systems of advantage present in the economy of God: speed, favour, multiplication, access to information, among many others.

Beloved, God always has an ace up His sleeve and has made it so that this “apparent” disparity does not become a disadvantage for His own.


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