DAY 80 OF 365 IN 2021

John 12:20-22 Some Greeks had gone to Jerusalem to worship during Passover. Philip from Bethsaida in Galilee was there too. So they went to him and said, “Sir, we would like to meet Jesus.” Philip told Andrew. Then the two of them went to Jesus and told him.

If there is something about communication, it is evident that the more middle men come between a source and recipient, the higher the tendency to distort meaning and increase the chances of  misinterpretation. Let’s get one thing straight though: two people were not required to inform Jesus that he had some visitors seeking an audience with him. Philip alone was very capable of sending this information across.

Therefore, I wondered, why then do we have this long winded chain of communication in the Gospel today? The Greeks present at the feast spoke to Philip, who then spoke to Andrew and together, both men went to Jesus. The question is why? One thing that came to mind as I thought about this was ‘Philip’s state of mind when he received this request’

Perhaps, it was the first time he had encountered such a group seeking to meet Jesus and in his mind, he was probably second guessing if indeed he ought to proceed further with their request. Did they qualify to meet Jesus? So to help set things in order, he brings up the request with Andrew and after possibly a brief conversation, both went up to Jesus.

It is thus easy to deduce that from that moment on, both Philip and Andrew will confidently lead ‘all men’ to Jesus by default because their doubts were dispelled when He said ‘when I am lifted up, I will draw all men to myself’.

My dear, there will be moments like that, times when there will be a blip or glitch in our faith and convictions. Situations when we may begin to second guess some of choices and decisions we have to make or have already made. That may be the time to raise these with another mature believer. Because then, you get to walk hand in hand with another to Jesus to gain clarity.


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