DAY 81 OF 365 IN  2021

John 8:1, 2 Jesus went unto the mount of Olives. And early in the morning he came again into the temple, and all the people came unto him; and he sat down, and taught them.

Whenever a man climbed a mountain in the pages of scripture, it was always for one specific reason: ‘to encounter God’. Right from Abraham, through Moses, Elijah and now Jesus, the lives of these men were littered with multiple trips up the mountain. Thus, we read today about one of the usual trips of Jesus up Mount Olives only to return to the temple in the morning.

It would become apparent that His engagements on the mountain were necessary seeing the nature of the situation which was laid at his feet that morning. A woman had been caught in adultery and the law of Moses was explicit ‘she was to die’. So they asked Jesus ‘what do you think?’ This encounter is unique because throughout scripture, Jesus read and more often, He spoke. This presented the one recorded account where He ‘writes’.

What He wrote, scripture does not record but it was clear it was something related to the events of the day. The scribes and pharisees might have been expecting him to be grabbing straws and struggle to come up with a respond to their question. But there stood Jesus, so calm, almost aloof and responding with the best rhetoric on offer ‘let he who is without sin amongst you cast the first stone’.

Beloved, we should not be surprised that Jesus kept going up the mountain, He knew what He received on each trip. His retort in a seemingly complex situation does not come just because one is intelligent or learned. It proceeded from a place of deep encounter and sounded like a scoop right from the Wells of the wisdom of God. Let us also then make haste to go up the mountain of the Lord before we return to the temple. That way, we receive unction to function in our capacity as children of our father.


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