DAY 79 OF 365 IN 2021

John 7:52 They responded, “Are you also from Galilee? Search [and read the Scriptures], and see [for yourself] that no prophet comes from Galilee!”

Whenever the chief priests and Pharisees were involved in a discourse, it was always certain an  interesting discussion would result. The different arguments, evidence presentation or just the sheer sense of tension as they debated. It is always a delight to read and I would have loved to be present during one of these sessions.

It was a no brainer that these pharisees were not fans of Jesus. They saw him as a trouble maker who was intent on shifting the balance and core foundation of the teachings they held ever so dear. If they had their own way, they would literally force everybody to accept their points of view, no argument. However, in today’s Gospel, they do something I found rather intriguing.

These were their words to Nicodemus: ‘Investigate carefully and you will see that no prophet comes from Galilee!” In other words, they were saying to Him ‘we have come to a conclusion about this, but study also for yourself and draw your conclusion too’. Thus, they deemed it the responsibility of whoever was listening to become a student of  scripture for themselves.

If there is something to learn from this, it that we should not be too quick to grasp the conclusions of others – line, hook and sinker; particular when the word of God is concerned. Each of us, as believers, has the Holy Spirit. We have the teacher and helper who teaches us all things so that in our journey through the word, may guide us to discern what the truth of the word is.

Let us, therefore, intentionally, consistently and consciously become students of the Word ourselves; lest we become children always being spoon-fed.



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  1. In the book of Acts, in chapter 17, there were the Bereans who looked at scripture, and to what Paul the apostle was preaching. It says that they “diligently searched the scriptures to see if these things were so. ” We also must be Bereans! Deception is rampant, and we are responsible to seek out what God’s word says, and in the full context of what is being preached. Just because someone says, “This teaching is scriptural” doesn’t mean that they are correct.


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