STORY TIME- The Laptop Conundrum

DAY 19 OF 365 IN 2021

Let me share something my brother  does not yet know about. He will probably find out when he reads this but get closer as I don’t want him to hear: ‘his laptop which I was using has stopped working’ and I think it will cost more to fix it than to get a replacement. He will probably be worried about the files he has on the hard drive but rest assured birdy, your files are secured.

So for the last couple of days, I have been laptop hunting. I haven’t personally bought a new laptop in a while and the multitude of models and brands on offer has not made the task any easier. For the tech savvy, within my budget, I wanted a minimum specification of an i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 2 Terabytes of storage.

I found a model that ticked all the boxes hence began bidding for it online. However, I was outbid and so looked elsewhere. My beloved suggested buying a new one entirely so I complied and after an hour or so, I found one that ticked some of the boxes specified but I paid for it. Interestingly, the highest bidder on the ebay product retracted their bid  and I unexpectedly became the highest bidder.

This laptop, which ticked all the boxes, was also exactly half the price of what I had paid for the new laptop. So I was torn again: since both options were still available, I wondered if I should cancel the new order or retract my bid? I did the latter after realising that the efficiency was four-fold better on the new purchase, although storage was a half what I wanted and the processor, AMD instead of Intel.

Why the long story? Very often in life, we always look for specific things when establishing relationships or making purchases. However, we can become so fixated on those specifics that we lose sight of the bigger picture – nothing else matters, not even balance. We become such ‘brand focused and boxed’ in a manner that blinds our eyes even to the prospect of fitting alternatives.

Beloved, on God, let your focus be singular; but on matters pertaining to life, don’t stay in a box.


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