DAY 18 OF 365 IN 2021

Reference text: Mark 2:18-22

There are people throughout history who have stood against systems, against governments, against preexisting norms and have been applauded. They are still celebrated for being valiant in their efforts which were successful. Often times, the reason they succeeded was because they had support: masses came to their assistance since what they opposed warranted the opposition.

Thus, even in their bid to press forward with agendas and ideals that defied existing norms, they had assistance to do so. In the Gospel today, we face three situations which when indulged in, clearly act in defiance of existing systems and norms:

  • Guests at a wedding feast opting to fast even with the bridegroom present,
  • Patching an old cloth with a new garment and
  • pouring new wine into old wine skins.

The above are not things that ‘cannot be done, in fact they can’, it is only a matter of choosing whether to do them or not. However, in our text Jesus presents them as options ‘no one explores’. It isn’t because no one is brave enough to do so, it is rather because the outcomes of those choices are known, and they are neither grande nor celebratory. In reality, they are just the start of real trouble only waiting to explode into life.

Sweetheart, there is reason why certain things are not encouraged, a purpose as to why some principles are set in stone and not to be violated. They may seem ordinary or manmade, but behind them are divine ordinances which when followed, make one extraordinary. Celebrating with the bridegroom highlights the principle of honour, patching old garment with a new one defies the principles of renewal and newness, while pouring new wine into old wine skins question the principles of discernment.

Don’t just choose to defy every preexisting norm because you are progressive. Those norms may have spiritual significance linked to your rising.


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