1 Corinthians 6:18a Run from immoral behavior

Whenever you tell someone to run away from a battle, it seems you strike a nerve and they may became hostile towards. The reasoning is simple ‘because brave people don’t run away, that is something for cowards! A strong person stands their ground and firmly faces whatever battles that lie before them.

However, in Paul’s letter today, there is a  battle presented and no fighting techniques were offered other than to flee. If men responded and fled, it won’t be the first time we have seen such a response: ‘Moses, Elijah and even Joseph and Mary had to flee at some point with Jesus. The crust of the matter wasn’t because they faced a battle they could not win- it was because if they stood their grounds in those instance, their lives would have been forfeit and not served the purpose for which it had been given.

Beloved, in the face of some battles, fleeing may be presented as the first option: call it a retreat if that sounds any better. And it isn’t because if you stood your ground to fight you would lose, far from that. You might win, however you might emerge so battered and bruised that you have little in your tank to fight the battles for which you really ought to stand your ground.

So sweetheart, learn to proportion your strength. Don’t expend energy in battles for which that energy is meant to be conserved. This might sound illogical but the truth is you don’t have to fight every battle!

There are some fights which you only win by not fighting at all.


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