LAST DAY OF THE YEAR: 31st December, 2019

Before you raise all arms in war and prepare to respond to today’s text, I am certain that by all means your attention turned to the year “2019”. You probably are also sure I made an error there, but that decision was intentional.

I wanted to gauge your response:

  • How did seeing 2019 up there make you feel?
  • How would you feel if you went back to the very start of what has been an unusual year?
  • Would you be excited or filled with extreme dread at the prospect of reliving the year 2020?
  • What has this year taught you?
  • And armed with the information you have today about this year, if you are now offered the opportunity to repeat this year, would you take it?

I am pressing you to think about these questions because the date today is 31st December 2020. Yes, it is. Let that sink in. There isn’t going to be a 365-day rewind or reset, just a forward moving clock. Perhaps in 2021, you’re already expecting as much unpredictability as this year. While we cannot predict exerything that will happen in the year, we can be intentional about what we do.

We can be more intentional about our choices, about how we allocate our resources, about how we manage our relationships. About those, we can predecit because we have control over. In the next 365 days, we will be invited back to this date and asked  the same question “armed with the information you have so far, would you be willing to relieve the year just gone by?

Sweetheart, the new year is hours away, the old is gone and the new is come. Behold, thus says the Lord ‘I make all things new’. So close the doors of this passing year: emotionally, spiritually and physically. Then step into the coming year expecting newness. But don’t forget to be more intentional.

Happy New year Beloved.


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