Thursday: December 24, 2020

At 1449 this afternoon, I received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNtec. As part of the front line staff in the capital, I have been one of the people to have access and I should say that many will agree that these ‘vaccines can’t come out any sooner’.

Just at the point in time when we all thought we had turned the corner, just when we thought we were just about step out of the eye of the storm, just when we thought we had reason to start dancing, here came the news flash that a new variant of the virus was in circulation in the UK. Fast forward a few hours later, and another strain had been discovered in South Africa leaving many people to wonder: is this ever going to end?

Beloved, these sound like scary times but let’s not lose heart because regardless of the darkness brought on by dark clouds, we will eventually emerge into bright light. There will be an end. But to arrive together, we all need to do the best we can.

Surely, these are hard times! This whole year has been without the kind of contact we have become accustomed to over many centuries so many things feel new. Likewise, many of us have complained a lot and about everything: politics, food, relationships, and education; just to name a few. But about how many of those same areas have we prayed, if at all?

There is no situation into which the hand of God cannot manifest but perhaps, some would expect this virus to vanish. Maybe, that is really our expectation that God would work some wonder and prove Himself this way. Sweetheart, God has no point to prove.

Throughout history, the hands of men have been a medium for God’s deliverance. Therefore let’s continue to seek assistance then for the many involved in this fight:
wisdom for scientists developing vaccines & medication,
strength and courage for healthcare workers tasked with the direct care of patients and
for all of us who have made sacrifices and are supporting in our own way.

The message remains the same: let’s stay safe, and keep trusting God that we will all be present at the end of what is a challenging journey.  Let’s keep our knees close to the ground


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