Wednesday: December 23, 2020

Luke 1:66 And all they that heard them laid them up in their hearts, saying, What manner of child shall this be! And the hand of the Lord was with him.

To clarify the facts of the situation regarding the name of His first born, Zechariah asks for a slate and writes “His name is John”. This left the audience who were witnesses of John’s circumcision and out-dooring  wondering ‘what manner of child shall this be?’ While people then proceeded to crack their heads in a bid to wrap their minds around the future of the young lad, God stood watching only commencing the execution of what had been said way before His birth.

Beloved, God is not interested in sharing the mysteries behind our birth, the plans ahead of us with just anybody. He brings those plans with clarity to those persons who are intended to facilitate the realisation of them. Because regardless of who you are and the vision you hold, you are likely to encounter two groups of people: those who will nurture that vision and others who will choke it.

Therefore, God often shrouds in mystery ‘what we shall be’. He does so not because He is concerned to show off His handiwork, but just so that all the ground works are in place for when the time of actualisation does indeed arrive.

Mind you, whereas man is in a constant state of discovery, fuelled by curiosity, God sits on an entirely different plane. He operates from a position of revelation and execution; He is “omniscient”. Thus, he handpicks before he reveals. So don’t expect everyone to be in on your projects and plans! For all you know, they need not have a seat at your table because who you shall be, will be revealed to those who will help you become.


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