Friday: December 11, 2020

Isaiah 48:18 If only you had paid attention to my commands, your peace would have been like a river, your well-being like the waves of the sea.

While the words from the prophet Isaiah sound like God making Israel realise what they missed out on by virtue of their failure to heed his commands, there is another dimension from this text that I want us to draw our attention to: potential.

In the words ‘then you would have become as numerous as the sands along the seashores of the world, too many to count, and there would have been no need for your destruction, we can see that there was real room for the expansion of Israel. Real room to become the envy of the world, but they lost out on this.

At many points in life, we do encounter oppositions that seem to be battling against our current position, but that is often far from the truth. What these battles are really about is where you are going from your current location. It is a fight against ‘your potential’ – the things that could be, the person that you could become, the victories that you could chalk.

So my dear, potential remains a key construct and the size of your opposition is a likely indicator of your potential. So you ought to rejoice when there appears to be an onslaught on your current position because that means there is real potential.


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