Thursday: December 10, 2020

Two random lessons pop up from my week’s journey so far and I would like to share these with you.


Any nurse will tell you ‘give me a piece of tape and I can fix anything on hand’. This is often an attestation to the multifunctional place of these tapes in clinical care. Functionally, when you have an adhesive tape in hand, the first thing we look for is the edge to show the point at which it was last cut. For some, it takes a few seconds to find this edge but for others, a lot longer. Some are even unable to find this edge and have to hand it over to others to locate it.

Such is life sometimes. The duration to find the edge, which in some cases becomes the starting point for the next cut, will differ. Some people will have to keep turning a couple of revolutions until they find this, but eventually they do. So don’t get disheartened just because it is taking you a lot longer to find your time edge, if you keep turning, it will pop out.


Phoenix Ep. 34

Whenever we encounter obstacles in life, the first assumption made is to acknowledge it as a blockade. However, obstacles don’t always halt our advance, sometimes we encounter them to gauge our commitment to achieving what lies beyond them.

When our boats fill with water a distance to the shore, we can stay in the boat or swim ashore. When we encounter hurdles, we can stay put or gather momentum and scale over them. When we make our requests in prayer, delays are not our indication to stop, but to remain expectant in waiting, still in prayer.

My dear, obstacles aren’t always meant to be ‘terminators of progress, only indicators to sustain or improve effort.



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