Saturday: December 5, 2020

Isaiah 30:21,23 And if you leave God’s paths and go astray, you will hear a voice behind you say, “No, this is the way; walk here.” Then God will bless you with rain at planting time and with wonderful harvests and with ample pastures for your cows.

During my driving lessons, I recall one activity that my instructor was quite particular about: ‘always look into both side mirrors, your rear view mirror and your blind spots before setting off’. In many moments, I felt they were unnecessary due to the locations we were driving in, but in the long term; it was intended to cultivate in a safe driving culture.

Isaiah writes about petitions reaching the ears of God and His response. In God’s response, a particular sequence stands out which is evident in the verses we read today. There was first an instruction to ‘walk in a certain way’ after which abundance arrived in this manner: “then will He give rain to the seed you sow and make your harvest abundant”.

It may appear coincidental that both words have nine letters, but what we read today establishes a direct relationship between obedience and abundance. While abundance which is the end product is great, obedience is not as easy as we perceive it. Some acts of obedience make no sense, they challenge the ‘normals’ we are used to and may even require an entire overhaul of the things we hold dear.

Some acts of obedience are actually hard to obey particularly where suffering might ensue. But sweetheart, it takes yielded men and women – those willing to obey God to the letter, to enter and see His best. The order is fairly straightforward and God puts it in this manner:

‘walk in obedience of me, THEN I will open you up to my abundance’.

Is that an offer we are willing to take up?


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