Sunday: December 6, 2020

1 Peter 3:8 Don’t forget this fact, dear friends: With the Lord a single day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a single day

Let’s take a short journey together through what we might refer to as a lesson in theology, but follow closely.’
‘In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth'(Gen 1 :1). Thus, it makes sense to say that the one who creates, must be outside what is created. In other words, at least at the point of creation, the creator  has to already be in existence ‘without’, not ‘within’ his creation.

To man, a thousand years equates to 365000 days, not one. However, according to the time schedule of heaven, a thousand years is very easily like a day, and vice versa. Thus,
in order to redeem man, God had to be subject to the same principles that govern man, including the limitations of time. This is why in Jesus, God the creator, who is eternal and timeless, stepped into Time because the principles of Time’ do not apply to Him in the same way it does to man.

This allows God to have systems in place to remedy any foreseeable outcome on our lives that do not align with His purposes. Is he not the God who can cause the married woman who has heard no cry of children in her home for a decade; bear triplets at her first birth? Is he not the same God who can cause rapid acceleration after years of delay?

My dear, you may think God is late or too early because of how things are progressing, but rest assured He has multiple failsafes in place. This He can do because He is not at the mercy of time – He is timeless and that beloved, should be the source of your peace.


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