Friday: December 4, 2020

Matthew  9:29 Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you.

Laser guided missiles require a target to be marked first and the missile heads straight for this target. The missile can therefore ‘sense’ where to go. It is interesting how the two blind  successfully followed Jesus and zoned in onto a man about whom they had no visual perception of. Did they employ the crowd around as guides or did they make use of possibly enhanced alternative senses of hearing and touch? Regardless, one thing is true- they found Jesus.

While Bartimaeus in Mark’s Gospel,  was asked specifically what he wanted (10:50ff), these guys faced an entirely different scenario. Their question was ‘do you believe I can do this?’ After their affirmative response, Jesus adds “According to your faith, let it be done to you”.

In effect, unlike the widow whose son Jesus raised from the dead because He had pity on her, this situation hinged purely on the faith of the blind men. Their ability to receive from, and tap into the power that was present in Jesus, was proportional to the extent to which their faith was engaged. And you can be certain that had they believed anything less, that would have being what they received.

Beloved, little faith or great faith, we know that to each of us a measure of faith has been given (Romans 12:3c). Thus, regardless of what we may think, while God does respond because of his mercy, this does not apply to every situation!  To us who believe, God responds to our faith because we are in a covenant- relationship with him through the offering of the blood of Jesus. That is another step towards deeper knowledge of Him hence the requirement of our faith.

So I dare ask: “what are your expectations from God?” Because He will respond ‘according to your faith’.


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