Friday: November 6, 2020

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Luke 16:4 I know what I’ll do so that, when I lose my job here, people will welcome me into their houses.’

It is interesting how the steward in today’s Gospel chose to act after he was given notice to render accounts which was to be followed likely by a termination of his tenure. After receiving such an information, he could have proceeded to divert resources into his own storehouses or found some other means of taking a chunk of resources, but he had other things to figure out.

Instead, this was his plan ‘I need to make sure that when I am dismissed, there will be people who will welcome me into their home’. In effect, I may be losing one bridge now but I need to ensure that I build other bridges before that happens. The people he engaged to alter their invoices will have had no idea of his ploy but after consenting to it, they were already hooked.

So again, a message I saw a few days back comes to mind. To paraphrase it, ‘Be careful how you treat others now, for the people you scorn today could be those you need tomorrow.’ When attempting to move forward on a particular path, don’t be quick to burn the other bridges. In fact, those bridges could become new paths for you in due course.


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