Solo Flight (sculpture), First avenue-Harlow

Saturday: November 7, 2020

Luke 16:10 Anyone who can be trusted in little matters can also be trusted in important matters. But anyone who is dishonest in little matters will be dishonest in important matters.

Regardless of how grand a structure is, very few if any, stand as one piece. Upon closer examination, one will find bolts and nuts here there, or screws and adhesives in place. The simple truth is edifices are held together and what we see as a whole is often just a combination of individual building blocks.

As ‘Little drops of water make a mighty ocean’ so do many big things start small. Sometimes we are tempted to think that in any situation, our reactions will be different depending on the gravity of the matter at hand but the reality is we only exhibit what forms the fundamental blocks of our very being. We bring to bare what we already have within and our building blocks become exposed.

Beloved, if the standards of measure are kept one and the same, then the truth is our response in big matters will be pretty similar to that in smaller matters. The only difference will be the scale.  This is why the foundations of things, the building blocks used to establish edifices, are so important.

So every now and then, let’s take pauses to access the structures we are building lest the individual building blocks aren’t up to scratch. Otherwise, we might end up losing the whole


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