Wednesday: September 30, 2020

We hear about the place of communication in every relationship that has love as its focus. Regardless of the kind of relationship, a degree and level of communication is certainly required to keep it running. Hence, a place for the words “The beginning of the end for love, is from the moment we choose to keep our mouths closed”

In both our relationships with God and with man, mouths should not be kept closed. Don’t think of this as a constant flow of chatter with no breaks, it rather suggests established communication networks that are consciously maintained to be kept open at all time. The word of God is a clear representation, an open source access to information and an established permanent portal of communication.

Whenever there is some break in communication, the mind begins to wander, sometimes unconsciously; and begins to piece together pieces of puzzles that were never there in the first place. Beloved, we need to keep an active line of communication with God at all times – with prayer, praise and meditation on his word. Our mouths should not be closed because that way, our love can stay alive.

The same applies to our personal relationships with others. Surely the degree of communication required with every person will differ, but let us do well to maintain an active line of access. Let us keep love going by opening our mouth.


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