Thursday; October 1, 2020

Luke 10:3 Go your ways: behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves.

Video analysis are a common thing in sports these days as they are useful in detecting any mistakes made by a team to correct them in subsequent games or to study the style of play of an opposition in other to come up with a suitable game plan. Yet, just as the disciples today were sent into territories unknown to proclaim the Gospel, this life as we are also living it, is our first time.

There is no video recording or past accounts of our own lives to revisit and make adjustments in this one because ‘this is our first life.’

Thus, it’s really not an excuse when you can’t seem to find all the answers for this life on your own because many situations that you face, will be “FIRSTS”. The first time you meet somebody, the first time you start that job or that study program, the first time you make that investment decision. Those are all firsts.

So beloved, don’t feel too pressured and into a state of sheer panic when you find yourself in a sense of ‘I don’t have any answers’ because no matter how much you know, there will still be many firsts that come your way. The one thing you can do, however, is to trust the creator who brought you here. To him, nothing is a first since He has a record of the whole journey and is the best placed personality to have by your side.

Sweetheart, it is all our first time living this life but we ought to be determined to make this first our best. We ought to serve, love, influence and impact to the best of our ability. It may be our first, but surely, we ought to make it count.


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