Tuesday: September 29, 2020

Reference: John 1:47-51

John 1:48 How do you know me?” Nathanael asked. Jesus answered, “Before Philip called you, I saw you under the fig tree.

It is interesting to see the creature asking the creator “how do you know me?” because that is exactly what Nathaniel asks Jesus. We have little clue as to what Nathaniel was doing under the fig tree but we can have a number of differentials: was he finding fruit or interacting with others? He might perhaps, have just been was  standing under the fig tree in silence. Regardless of what his actions were, one thing is certain- it got him a positive affirmation from Jesus.

For Jesus, the truth, to describe another in the words ‘there is nothing false in him’, was quite the accolade. However, it was borne out of “I saw you under the fig tree” While this might sound like an ordinary sighting, the outcome suggests anything but ordinary.

What is highlighted to us is a lesson we might refer to as “from a distance”. One does not always have to make others aware that they are watching, but there are many eyes looking our way. While some eyes watch with malicious intent, many others do so from a place of real interest and admiration or from a sincere desire to correct.

So whatever it is we are doing or refusing to, saying or participating in, be rest assured, some eyes are watching. Therefore, let’s not hide
under the deception that “all” others see and subsequently say about us do not matter, because the same eyes and lips that play part in our elevation, can also do the reverse.


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