Wednesday: June 17, 2020

Where has all the coronafever gone? I woke up this morning with the question on my mind because I struggle to hear news on the ongoing pandemic as much as I did three months ago. Front pages are now taken over by other news and you have to struggle to find news on this virus. It seems as though many are trying to move on at the moment.

Lockdown has been eased in many countries and at the moment, travelling to work has led to significant observations that people are ‘much less afraid’. And we might begin to wonder why? The answer that came to mind ‘because we have more information’: we know a lot more about the disease, its mode of transmission and disease progression profile.

This has prompted better decision making regarding medical and social guidelines. We feel somewhat ‘safer’ because we know more. That is the thing with fear- when it’s source is unfounded or not understood, its ability to cripple is amplified. However, with more information comes better understanding which chips away at the mountains of fear built up.

So sweetheart, regarding that situation that has left you grounded in fear, how much do you know? The person to whom you are afraid to commit or the business you wish to invest in, how much do you know? We will realise with each exposition, revelation, or enlightenment; our faces light up and our fears subside because we know more. Therefore, seek to know more.


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