Tuesday: June 16, 2020

1 kings 21:25 No one else was so completely sold out to the devil as Ahab, for his wife, Jezebel, encouraged him to do every sort of evil.

‘You can do it’, ‘keep pushing on’, ‘finish hard’: these are seemingly short statements but loaded with intent – they are simple words of encouragement. Yet, those very same words can become the foundations that cause anyone to attempt a specific feat or take on tasks which would appear impossible to complete or actually, should not be attempted.

Ahab was encouraged by Jezebel, his wife, in many ways. Particularly, she was a great source of strength when Naboth refused to give him his vineyard. She reminded Ahab that he was the king and should cheer up. However, that encouragement is seen going to extreme limits today and the message version puts the text “pushed by his wife Jezebel and in open defiance of God, Ahab set an all-time record in making big business of evil’.

That, beloved is a matter of concern. Therefore sweetheart, be careful whenever you want to cheer someone on, or to encourage them in whatever task they wish to do; be mindful that the encouragement is to spur them on towards doing good. The impact of encouragement should not be underestimated because if not used right, encouragement can become a double-edged sword producing no good fruits.


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