Friday: May 15, 2020

Acts 15:24 Because we have heard that some without our authorization went out from us and troubled you with their words and unsettled your hearts,

In our current day, the ease with which information spreads is second to none. Therefore, it is very easy to get hooked unto any kind of information regardless of its source, so we have to be alert. With or without authorisation, any person has the capacity to throw words out there, whether in writing or actual speaking. Our encounter with those same words may then also happen intentionally or inadvertently.

Regardless, those words can have an effect on us. Like the church in its early days, one thing was clear: ‘the messages some offered were affecting individuals by unsettling their hearts and disrupting their peace of mind. Thus, it was important that this matter was addressed urgently because whatever does not bring peace of mind, isn’t where it is intended to be. If words, then they probably haven’t been spoken or heard as they should be.

The presence of ‘peace of mind’, a stillness and calm on the inside even with thunderstorms round us, presents a fair indicator of the kind of words we have heard and accepted into our hearts. Beloved, a variety of sources will always present alternative information sources, but these should be questioned prior to acceptance lest their content trouble our hearts and peace of mind.


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