Thursday: May 14, 2020

We are affected by the systems of the world, but the strength to go through is not of the world.

While it may appear that human institutions and establishments determine how high we rise or how firmly we are established, our journey through life is impacted by more than systemic influences. In fact, the capacity to journey on and drive ahead even amidst prevailing systemic challenges is because our help, our strength comes from the Lord. Therefore,

We need to allow God edit the scripts of our lives.

Editing any piece of work aims to add finishing touches, identify those things which are out of place or find new additives which will enhance the overall quality of a final product. Therefore, any editor is meant to have a great deal of knowledge about the product they edit. And who knows us any better than God our creator?

Beloved, we can be assured that when God does the editing, our lives become a unique work of art and follows His ideal plan for us. It becomes so mesmerising that even the blind can read our lives. I am not sure who is doing the editing of your life, but if the job is not with God, you would want to consider awarding it to Him ASAP.


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