Saturday: May 16, 2020

I know strange things can happen, but yesterday was weirder than strange when I returned to find the front wheel of my bicycle stolen. Yes, just the front wheel and I’m guessing the look of shock on your face as you think about this is somewhat comparable to mine. I wondered: really? why only the front wheel and not the entire bicycle? But that prompted me to ask another question ‘what is the purpose of a single bicycle?’

The absence of one wheel on a bicycle, designed to run on two, rendered it literally ‘unusable’ as it could not be ridden. The same is true for many other vehicles which become empty shells when the wheels on which they run are missing: cars, airplanes or trains. There is even a potential for them to sustain significant damage if moved without their wheels.

In practical terms therefore, we could ask: What keeps relationships going, businesses thriving and Christians growing? What keeps us enthused or excited? Or in a single question, what are the wheels that holds things up?
Finding the answers to these questions are crucial because then, we learn to protect the wheels that bear things up.

Sweetheart, if there was zero-risk, protection wouldn’t be necessary but the importance of wheels make them ideal targets since an entire advance can be halted when wheels are impeded. Personally, I had to get a taxi home yesterday. So pay attention to the wheels: communication, trust, always learning, forgiveness, love amongst others. Keep them pumped, oiled and protected at all times because without those wheels, there will be no further advancing.


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  1. Sly, you are my man. You hit my faith right on its head. God did not put us here for nothing. He has a plan for each of us – the purpose He created us and placed us where He wants us to be. Everything that happens in our lives has a purpose – just like we are here for a purpose. We become fully fulfilled when we find that purpose and live it. Guess in whom we find this purpose – God who created us. Without Him we miss our purpose and die. Separation from Him is death. He has pointed the way to Himself – Jesus Christ the Saviour of mankind. To the world that plan is foolishness – the message of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believed. FAITH in God is all that matters.

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    1. I am also encouraged by your words- it really is a delight to know why Has placed us where we are and what we ought to be doing for in that is complete joy🙏. God bless you for visiting and reading. Remain encouraged.


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