Tuesday: April 28, 2020

I just wanted to share an interesting episode with you from yesterday: while taken a break, I decided to team up with another player to take on a computer generated army. My army was decimated in no time while that of my partner stood firm due to the use of an interesting relocation tactic. With no facilities or soldiers, I was tempted to exit the game but he said something that made me laugh ‘wait, I am producing infantry’.

Going against rocket launchers, jet fighters and assault vehicles with infantry soldiers sounded ‘like a lost mission’ but the curious me replied ‘affirmative’, and I waited. That, battle was a delight to watch and yes, we won… Technically, he won. But why share this with you?

I thought he stood no chance but he actually stood a chance. Although there will be times when you have to allow yourself to be talked out of dangerous situations, in an interview Stan Lee, the creator of the marvel character, spiderman, says this ‘if you have a plan that you genuinely think it’s good, don’t let someone talk you out of it’.

I also learnt something about trusting in God. What might appear insignificant in your hands, may be used to work wonders under the banner of God just like that staff of Moses. So when when God says ‘wait’, just stay put, for victory will be the end reward.


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